Being the Main Character

Last night I took Henry for a walk. The clock read 10pm, and the sleepy neighborhood I’ve called home for the past twenty-five years was silent and slumbering, the accumulating fog from the creek drifting up and through the aged brickwork that distinguishes Old Roseville from the rest of Roseville. I was dressed head to… Continue reading Being the Main Character

All in the Cards

Last night I had some friends over for what was supposed to be D&D night (Dungeons and Dragons to the uninitiated; yes, my friends and I are that geeky; no, I’m not especially embarrassed about it—quite the opposite). This friend group is the very same I’ve been playing with remotely for the better part of… Continue reading All in the Cards

Blow Out the Candles

Today is the day of my birthday. I feel no different; it’s not as if at the strike of midnight my body has transformed into a frumpy pumpkin (despite it sometimes feeling like one). Instead, I went to bed feeling all but normal: the sound of the wind beyond my window sounded the same; the… Continue reading Blow Out the Candles


Lately I’ve been having dreams. Vivid dreams: the kind where I wake up, roll over, and for the briefest of moments believe I have encountered something somehow real. They’re not the happy sort.  Not the sort of dreams that find me flying, soaring higher, before jumping and leaping, and dancing one by one, from pillowy… Continue reading Dreaming


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