a Lazy Day

It’s a lazy day.

Sometimes you need one. Sometimes it’s good to stay in bed, to sleep in and let the day outside drift past dreamily, as if bobbing down a babbling brook. Let it flow. Let it go. Give yourself permission, for today is a lazy day.

Stay in bed. Curl into a bundle and allow the sheets to fold over and embrace you. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read—what page did you leave off on again? Text a friend, reach out to someone you care about and let them know. Or don’t. Or just ignore it all today. Shut out the world. It’ll be there waiting for you tomorrow.

Sob to a romantic comedy, laugh to a horror movie. Feel the cool air beyond your window, your world. Hear the birds. Give yourself permission to feel sad, or happy, or anything really. Give yourself the freedom to feel today.

It’s okay to be behind—you’ll catch back up tomorrow. Whatever day it is you need, take it. It’s yours. You deserve it. You’re doing great. You’re doing amazing, and you’re doing it on your own. You’ve got this.

Don’t worry today away. Don’t let your mind wander back to those dark thoughts from before. Feel no guilt. Instead, take a nap. Let your sleepiness swallow you whole and bask in that drowsy darkness. Let all that today could have been go, and allow yourself the freedom.

It’s okay. It’s all okay. You have permission. You have every right.

Today is a lazy day. Enjoy it.

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