Good Morning

Good morning.

good morning. That time now—when the sun has risen and my spirits have not yet fallen. Instead I feel alive, awake, and grateful to be so. 

Last night, I wore my voice hoarse from laughter instead of yelling. Last night, tears filled my eyes though sadness was not present. Last night I danced the demons away. Last night, love surrounded me; last night I felt it differently. And then there is today, there is this morning. A good morning.

And I hope yours is, too. 

I hope you awaken to find yourself loved—because you are. I hope you know that as I write this, as I bask in the good of this Good morning, it is not without knowledge that there are some for whom today is not so; that for some, today is already off to a rocky start—perhaps they are too. But we’ll get through it together. We’ll make the best of this morning. We’ll see to it turns out a good morning. We have that power. We do.

And so Good morning to those who dreamt of today, and to those who dreaded it. Good morning to those who weren’t sure they’d be here today, and for those unfortunates who weren’t able to be. Good morning to you all.

Good morning to the dreamers and the worriers, the doubtful and the powerful. Good morning to the broke, Good morning to the broken. Good morning to the little heroines and heroes. Good morning to the creators and the crafters, to the impassioned. Good morning.

Good morning to the vanquishers of nightmares, to the conquerors of evil—you did it. Another day awaits us tomorrow, another battle to wage. But not today, not now.

Not this morning.

For now, a Good morning: the first for many of us in a long, long while.

And let us hope it stays a good morning. Let us hope we live to see more.

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