Visit From a Friend

Today I will be visited by one of my most favorite people.

Like me, she is a writer. She is a dreamer. She is writing in the margins of her notebook during lecture stories the world will someday know, will someday recognize upon hearing. “Oh, I love that book!” they will say: they being the children who fill the isles of bookstores with their own dreams, their own fantasies.

But like me, like all who choose this medium for our expression, my writer friend has doubts, has fears that extend far beyond the writing, and deeper into it; fears that fill its lines, pour ink into every word. To write is to fear. To write is to place pieces of yourself down before you. Like jumbled up scrabble letters they are nothing, nothing much at all to begin with. But there is something there; and if you play with these broken pieces, you may find yourself able to make something new with them.

But it is scary. It is scary to place these broken pieces down, for they are made of shattered glass, and all the while reflect the darkest parts of you, the most fragile parts of you, the parts of you you show to no one, and yet now present to everyone. These sharpened shards can stab at you, can draw blood that pours into the text, for better or for worse. These broken things we dream form mosaic reflections of ourselves.

And that is the joy, the joy of writing.

To make something new out of something once thought broken. To create. To invent. To imagine a realm of reality where nothing is wasted, where everything has potential. My friend may have her doubts, may have her fears, but she also has beautiful pieces to work with, for she is a beautiful person.

And today she is coming to visit.

Today we will write together. We will sit in my room in the shadows of yestermorrow and place our broken pieces down before us. We will examine them closely, perhaps even sheepishly, and we will dream. We will dream that they can be something, can be transmuted into worlds and people themselves broken, whose pieces are themselves beautiful.

Today I will be visited by one of my most favorite people.

Today, we write.

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