About a Bath

Sometimes all you need in your day is a good bubble bath.

Sure, gender-conformists may point out that such a thing ought to be reserved for only the most effeminate of straight men, but to those who are inclined to pass such judgements, I say simply:

Fuck you.

Bubble baths are soothing. They ask for you to remain in a prone position, suspended atop an ethereal cloud of bubbles in a place where nothing can go wrong, in which everything feels good, in which no harm can come to you.

Sure, the one I made for myself today was perhaps a little too hot, was maybe more than slightly past the boiling point, such that as I lowered myself into it, there arose a pained yelp, a frightful plea—but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the art of a good bubble bath, and nor should it you.

Had I really been paying attention, I would have drawn from the dusty shelf of my desk one of my elongated wax candles, which would’ve paired wonderfully, seeing as I intended to do some writing whilst enjoying my bath. Alas, the condensation made the act impossible, not to mention the abundant cloud of steam threatening to send me into comatose. If I am oversharing, allow me to now admit that in truth my duration of bathing was no more than a handful of minutes, for I grow quite bored quite easily, and in fact always do, such that my general passing thoughts upon raising myself from the aforementioned depths was that I should like to know who indeed can withstand more than a few minutes in a bath; who, I ask, dares tempt fate by bringing a book into such a place, when I can manage to write but a few lines of this very post?

So, yeah, bubble baths are great. At least in theory.

We should all treat ourselves sometimes. Today, I passed by the bathroom and could not help but notice the overcast sky outside and thought to myself: “I deserve a bubble bath today.”

Whether or not the quality of the idea conceived was the same as that executed almost doesn’t matter; what does is the initiative taken.

Take care to take care of yourself—whatever that may mean for you. And laugh at yourself, even if it doesn’t feel funny in the moment.

Another sunny day will come to expose what is real, and make frightening shadows of us all.

Today, let us bask in the overcast, and bathe in the unseen.

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